How to Fly on a Private Jet From LA to SF For Just $109

Flying in a private jet is usually reserved for billionaires, rockstars and politicians. However, a private chartering company is about to change all that by offering travelers a seat on “everybody’s private jet” at an affordable price.
To mark its official launch on April 19, JetSuite is offering a budget fee of $109 for the not-so-private, one-way trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco via subset JetSuiteX. The amount matches the normal cost for a business and first class ticket between the cities. Weekend service from San Francisco to Las Vegas will start April 22.
The company will let travelers log on and be able to book a seat just like a normal airline to its “first public charter,” according to Mashable.
Since the planes will be using terminals reserved for private charters, passengers can do away with crowded terminals and long TSA lines.  
Travelers will be provided business class–style seating with 36-inch seat pitches, free Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment streamed to passenger’s personal devices.
JetSuiteX will also offer flights between San Jose and Bozeman, Montana, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Private booking service to other cities such as San Diego, Santa Barbara and Phoenix is also among the company’s planned expansions in the near future.
A trip in one of JetSuite’s private jets can cost up to $8,000 per hour or $300 per hour for each person in a 30-person group.
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