Asian Woman Harassed on NYC Subway By Men Bragging About Targeting ‘Young Asian Women’

Asian Woman Harassed on NYC Subway By Men Bragging About Targeting ‘Young Asian Women’Asian Woman Harassed on NYC Subway By Men Bragging About Targeting ‘Young Asian Women’
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June 6, 2017
[Updated] The author of the original post has been removed to protect her privacy. 
One Asian-American woman in Queens, New York is warning other women of two men who she claims not only harassed her and a friend on the subway, but boasted of only targeting “young Asian women”.
In a Facebook post (which as since been removed), a woman revealed the details that she and a female friend allegedly experienced on the F train in the area of the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York. Two men reportedly began verbally assaulting them while trying to escalate to sexual assault. Unfortunately, no one else on the train stepped up to stop the men.
When she called the police to report the two men, they ran away. She was only able to get a photo of one of them.
The woman wrote in her post:
“So last night, two men made the mistake of trying to harass another female and I on the F train. Not only were they making sexually explicit comments at us and about Asian women in general, but they tried to escalate it to inappropriate touching. They openly claimed that they only target YOUNG ASIAN WOMEN. Although there were other people on the train at the time, including 10+ men, NONE OF THEM bothered to do anything to help. Even though the other female and I had no problem defending ourselves, not a single person stepped in. I called the cops and they ran, but I managed to get a photo of one of them (the other one covered his face with a hoodie). Please share this with your family and friends! These morons got on the F train at Forest Hills, and openly said they only target ASIAN WOMEN.
Additionally, one commenter on the post also mentioned the uncanny resemblance of the man on the subway to an individual accused of stealing the tip jar at a Chatime Station in in Queens in November 2016. The individual was also accompanied by an accomplice.
Comparing the images to the screenshots from the surveillance footage, the man appears to be the same individual who also happens to be wearing the same grey and black Adidas hoodie.
The individual accused of theft at the Queens Chatime Station also returned to the shop one month later with friends to attempt another theft but was not successful. Unfortunately, the suspect remains at large.
It is also worth noting that the Chatime Station is only seven city blocks from the F Train stop that the woman said the men got off at.
Needless to say, all women, Asian or otherwise, should be wary in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens for these men.
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