Korean American rapper Jessi slams European tour organizer for leaving her stranded overnight in Paris

Korean American rapper Jessi slams European tour organizer for leaving her stranded overnight in Paris
Daniel Anderson
October 13, 2022
South Korean rapper Jessi called out her European tour organizer for poor management after being stranded in Paris overnight.
The soloist is currently on her five-city “Beyond Your Imagination” tour, which started in Berlin on Oct. 8. Following her concert in London on Oct. 10, Jessi shared to her Instagram story that was stuck in the city and paying her own way to get to her next show in Paris. When she arrived in Paris, she posted another Instagram story revealing she was stranded in the city without a hotel reservation. 
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Jessi did manage to make it on time to perform her Paris concert, where she notified her fans of the hardships she’s been going through, stopping mid-sentence to hug her mother backstage. In videos taken by spectators, she reveals she thought about canceling the tour “because of this guy,” referring to the tour organizer, who she says she ran into prior to the show and saw him eating. Jessi, on the other hand, says she had not eaten that day or the night prior because of her hotel situation.    
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She goes on to say she was stranded until 6 a.m., and it took her friends flying from Korea to Paris to help her find a place to stay. 
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Jessi continues with her criticisms of the organizer, calling him “a f*cking coward” and saying she hopes he “doesn’t have the audacity” to be at the show.

“He’s seriously ruining my life right now. Me and mom have been stranded. I’ve been taking public transportation. I had to book my own f*cking hotels, I had to book my own trains, and I did not complain for anything. Because at the end of the day when I see you guys, everything all changes. So today, I was going to cancel the show because my body’s just not good right now and my voice is gone” she says. 
Her mother also took to Instagram and posted a story recognizing her daughter was not well and asking for support. 
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Jessi acknowledged her own mental health struggles earlier in the tour during her London show, saying she was in the worst place in her life, mentally. She also shared she recently lost someone close to her and that there is a lot going on that her fans don’t know about.
“I don’t think it’s wrong because you need to talk to people about your health. We need to talk about mental health problems because it’s a real thing. A lot of people look at me and think I’m this hard, strong f**king b**ch, but I’m really fragile right now,” she said. “I just come on stage and pretend nothing is wrong, but this tour I realized, why not talk about me being hurt and struggling…and it’s okay. I know that after this I’m going to get the help that I need and come back ten times stronger,.” 
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