Fox News Host Spreads Outright Racist Lies About China and Coronavirus, Risking Violence Against Asians

jesse watters

Fox News commentator Jesse Watters wants an apology from “the Chinese people” for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and says that the virus began due to “very hungry” people “eating raw bats and snakes.”

“I’d like to just ask the Chinese for a formal apology,” 41-year-old Watters, who married a 27-year-old woman he had an affair with in January, said on “The Five” on Monday. “This coronavirus originated in China, and I have not heard one word from the Chinese. A simple ‘I’m sorry’ would do. It would go a long way.”

“I expect a formal apology tomorrow,” he continued. “It does not matter if it comes from Xi or the embassy, and I think all of my colleagues around this table will join arm-in-arm with me also demanding a formal apology from the Chinese people.”

Co-host Dana Perino then asked, “What if the outbreak had started here?” to which Watters responded, “It didn’t start here, Dana, and I’ll tell you why it started in China. Because they have these markets where they are eating raw bats and snakes.”

“They are a very hungry people. The Chinese communist government cannot feed the people, and they are desperate. This food is uncooked, it is unsafe, and that is why scientists believe that’s where it originated from,” Watters speculated. “And according to the New York Times, Dana, the Chinese government has been very deceitful and deceptive in the communicating the extent of the infections to the world. So, as I said, tomorrow I will expect an apology.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld laughed, saying, “I love Jesse’s asking China for an apology.”

Many Twitter users criticized Watters for his xenophobic and racist remarks, with some calling him a “dumbass” and “abhorrent.”

Feature Image via Fox News

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