StubHub Completely Destroyed a Man’s Dream to Attend Kobe Bryant’s Last Game

StubHub Completely Destroyed a Man’s Dream to Attend Kobe Bryant’s Last Game

January 6, 2016
A Lakers fan’s worst nightmare happened when he purchased tickets to Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA on StubHub.
On Nov. 11, 2015, Jesse Sandler purchased four tickets for himself and friends on StubHub to the Lakers’ last home game taking place in April 2016 against the Utah Jazz.
Three weeks later, on Nov. 29, 2015, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement. Unknowingly, Sandler had purchased tickets to the last game Kobe Bryant would ever play — and he paid a total of $906.77 for the tickets. The tickets, including taxes and fees, were priced at $226.69 each.
A little over a month later, those same tickets that Sandler bought appreciated nearly 1000%. His tickets jumped from $195 to $1,500. Though Sandler was excited that his investment had paid off, he decided to keep the tickets as he is a diehard loyal Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan.
However, Sandler’s short-lived dreams were crushed when StubHub voided the same tickets he purchased, saying he bought them for too low of a price. In an email, Stubhub ensured that he would receive a full refund of what he paid from their FanProtect Guarantee.
Devastated, Sandler forwarded his email correspondence with Stubhub customer service as well as ticket receipts to The Lead Sports.
Hours of talking to customer service got Sandler the same “our hands are tied” response and Stubhub offered him a meager total of $250 in coupons for his account — not even worth the price of one Lakers ticket when you include his refund.
Stubhub, which is owned by Ebay, serves as a marketplace for third-party sellers and buyers of event tickets. ABC News has dubbed Stubhub, “the ticket scalper of the digital age, the ultimate middleman to shake up the way people interact to buy and sell tickets.”
So far, at least one good person has come forward offering Sandler some form of justice and the chance to see Kobe Bryant play one last time.
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