Chiropractor Accused of Blatant Racism Over ‘Chinese Virus’ Sign in NJ

Chiropractor Accused of Blatant Racism Over ‘Chinese Virus’ Sign in NJ

November 12, 2020
A chiropractor in New Jersey has been accused of blatant racism over an alleged sign that warned against the “Chinese virus” on his front desk window.
A photo of the sign, which was first posted on Instagram, came from an anonymous parent who took their daughter to Dr. Kevin Julian’s Marion Chiropractic Center at 318 Sip Ave. in Jersey City one afternoon this week.
According to the parent, their daughter noticed the sign shortly after they entered the facility to fill in their information.
“The sign clearly reads ‘During this time period of the Chinese Virus…’ This sign does not mention coronavirus or COVID-19, but instead calls it the ‘Chinese Virus.’ THIS IS BLATANT RACISM,” the parent said, according to @jerseycitywomenofcolor, which first shared the photo.
Image via @jerseycitywomenofcolor
The sign asks patients and their companions to keep a distance of 6 feet to prevent the spread of the “Chinese virus.” A maximum of two people is permitted to wait in the reception room.
Whether there were other patients at the time is unknown, but it no longer mattered for the concerned parent and their daughter.
“My daughter did not have to think about it, she was ready to leave and of course I supported this. We didn’t even wait to speak with staff, because there was no need as we would never put our health in the hands of racists,” the parent reportedly said.
If a medical professional could display such an obvious racist statement, then I fear for any person of color that receives treatment there.”
Image Screenshot via Yelp
Soon after the image was posted, Instagram users started to hunt down Julian’s information on the internet. Some suggested having him reported to the state’s Consumer Affairs Division and Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
As of this writing, an unclaimed Yelp page of the alleged chiropractor has plummeted to a one-star average.
“I don’t support racism. Sorry, Kevin Julian should know better to not discriminate, especially in the healthcare sector,” one commented.
Another warned, “If this office cannot comprehend that using the term ‘Chinese virus’ is racist, then you definitely should not trust them with your health.”
A profile bearing the same work address lists Julian as a sports medicine specialist with over 36 years of experience. His focus areas reportedly include lower back pain, spinal adjustment, scoliosis, hip pain and neck pain.
The sign was soon reposted by Instagram account @racistandunemployed, which tracks down professionals accused of racism and consequently fired for their actions.
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