Jerk Tells a Man to Go F**k Himself During Rush Hour, Arrives At Job Interview With Same Man


In case you didn’t know, karma is a real thing and this story is exactly why you shouldn’t be a jerk to anyone ever.

Matt Buckland is an HR exec at the investment firm Forward Partners in London. During his morning commute on a packed subway, Buckland politely stood aside to let a lady exit the train when a man behind him pushed past angrily, looked back and told Buckland, “Go f*ck yourself.” Buckland told Buzzfeed:

“I was on my way into work on the Tube on Monday morning during rush hour. I stood to one side to let a lady get by, and ended up blocking a man momentarily … I think he thought I was just standing in his way. He pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too but he pushed past and then looked back and suggested I might like to f*** myself … which might have been true but not before a few cups of coffee.”

Later that day, Buckland was scheduled to interview a man for the position of a web developer. The man who walked in for the interview was the same man who cursed Buckland out that morning, but he didn’t immediately recognize Buckland until Buckland dropped a few hints and showed him his much-shared tweet after the incident.

“I think it crept up on him slowly as my questions became more and more tube related … It would be easy to hold something like this over someone in an interview, but for me interviews aren’t about that … By the end of the interview we laughed it off and we’re both happy.”

Although Buckland didn’t hold the foul-mouthed incident against the guy, he still didn’t get the job because he just wasn’t right for the position. Hopefully, the man will at least have a better attitude when dealing with people, because during rush hour, everyone suffers equally.

“When you interview you are looking for a read of skills but also to know if that person is a real human being, it’s about that connection. By the end of the interview we laughed it off and were both happy … The candidate didn’t get the job, though, and maybe now he’ll maintain a better attitude in the morning since he just might need some help from a fellow commuter one day.”

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