Jeremy Lin Won the NBA Championship By Playing 1 Minute in the Finals and Twitter Loves It

jeremy lin

Social media is celebrating Jeremy Lin, who fans barely saw during the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors finals, becoming the first Asian American NBA Champion.

According to Lin’s stats sheet on ESPN, the 30-year-old only played for one minute during Game 3, where the Raptors won against the Warriors 123-109.

Many Twitter users continued to praise the man for his dedication.

Lin became an NBA sensation back in 2012 during the “Linsanity” and he was widely known as an unlikely hero of the New York Knicks, Business Insider reported.

After his stint with the Knicks, Lin went on to play for other teams such as the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks before joining the Raptors in February. Coming off of two years being injured, his season with the Atlanta and the end of his season with the Raptors were his most recent healthy seasons.

In total, Lin played for 25.5 minutes during the whole season, according to ESPN.

Here’s what others are saying on Twitter:

People couldn’t help but poke fun at Lin:

From being undrafted, D-League three times his rookie year, to Linsanity, injuries, and finally becoming champion, congratulations to Jeremy Lin and the Toronto Raptors!

Feature Image via Instagram / jlin7

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