Jeremy Lin Officially Exits the NBA to Play for the Beijing Ducks

Jeremy Lin Officially Exits the NBA to Play for the Beijing Ducks
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August 27, 2019
After nine seasons in the NBA, Jeremy Lin is officially leaving to join the Chinese Basketball Association after signing with the Beijing Ducks.
In July, Lin had expressed his doubts at a church in Taiwan about his future in the NBA after remaining a free agent, saying he had hit “rock bottom” and that the “NBA has kind of given up on me.” 
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In early August, Lin reflected on his tearful speech at an event in Shanghai, saying, “Ironically, to be able to be OK with your weakness is one of the strongest things you could do.” Less than two weeks later, news emerged that the Beijing Ducks had reportedly offered him $3 million a year to play in China.
Lin confirmed his move to the CBA with social media posts thanking the NBA and his fans as he looks to his future playing in China:
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“All I can say is THANK YOU to the NBA, my family, inner circle, every fan who came to watch or rooted for me during these last 9 years! To challenge stereotypes, make history, rep Asians at the NBA level and pave the path as others have done for me has been an absolute privilege. Im overwhelmed with gratitude for each person who has been with me each step of the way. ⁣
Equally excited for this next step with the Beijing Ducks! I always knew my path would go through the CBA solely bc I knew how much of an honor it would be to hoop in front of all my Chinese fans. Im here now and there is more history to be made!
Also congrats to @joe_linstagram on a contract extension fresh off a championship with the @fubon_braves… you’re a beast and to be able to sign our contracts on the same day is something Ill forever cherish. Love you lil bro!”
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Lin also noted in his posts that his younger brother, Joe Lin, had just extended his contract with the Fubon Braves, a team in the Super Basketball League of Taiwan.
In July, before his tearful revelation, Lin revealed that he had started to consider the idea of playing in Asia 5 years ago and that it would be his greatest dream to eventually play on the same team as his younger brother.
“About five years ago, I began to consider whether I should play basketball in Asia because every year when I visit the region, I see so many fans, and they make me want to play a few seasons in the region.
“I would consider it. And of course, my greatest dream is to play on the same team with my younger brother.”
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