Jeremy Lin Goes Full On ‘Jimmy Neutron’ With New Hairstyle

Jeremy Lin Goes Full On ‘Jimmy Neutron’ With New Hairstyle
Ryan General
February 20, 2017
While we’re used to seeing Nets star point guard Jeremy Lin sport a variety of “unique” hairstyles in the past, his latest do is still bound to surprise, especially if we get to see him try it out on an actual game.
Inspired by the animated character Jimmy Neutron, Lin’s latest hairstyle was shared via a post on his Instagram account.

Secret Project lollll. Didnt think itd be possible to do this ha #afrolife #jimmyneutron

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Is it a wig? Or just wicked styling? We really can’t tell based on the photo alone.
However, since he calls the Jimmy Neutron hairstyle as his special project, we can’t wait to see what he is really up to with it. It is unfortunate that he is currently not seeing action on the NBA court as the 28-year-old has been recovering from a hamstring injury since Dec. 26. He is expected to see action, hopefully with the towering hair, after this weekend’s All-Star break.
In the last couple of years, Lin has confidently jumped from one style to the next, donning the bowl cut, the spiky hair, the double ponytail, and recently the cornrows.
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