Jeremy Lin Brings Back Linsanity with Graceful Speech about Dreadlocks, Kenyon Martin

The saga regarding Jeremy Lin’s new hairdo continues; after he penned an op-ed for the Player’s Tribune about his dreadlocks, Lin was called out by former NBA player Kenyon Martin. Lin responded over social media, thanking Martin for his criticisms, to which Martin responded by deleting his Instagram posts and clarifying his remarks in an interview.

Lin made the rounds on social media again with his impromptu speech about Martin, fan responses, and building bridges between communities.

“First, I’d hope that a lot of Asian fans don’t go on his page and say racist things to him. I think that’s not the right way to go about it and I think in a lot of way to pit us against each other, like, ‘I won versus Kenyon Martin winning.’ I don’t think that’s the right way to go about it. It’s not really about winning or losing. The whole point is that we’re trying to be unified so I feel like even sometimes when people come to me and say, ‘Oh man you embarrassed him.’ It’s like ‘dude that’s not what this is about.’ Right, that’s not the whole point of this discussion is to pit it into two sides to see who wins.

“The whole point is that we all have to get on the same page. We need to have people stop going on his page and saying racist things. Like, that’s not OK. That’s what I would say, at the end of the day, kind of like what I said in my article. We just need to spend a little more time thinking about what we say, thinking about what it’s like to be somebody else. At the end of the day he said what he said, but I’m not really that offended. If that’s how he thinks, that how he thinks.

“My job is to be gracious and loving. I think if I can share a little bit of my side, then the next time he might have a different viewpoint. He might have a different viewpoint in a week, but not if my whole fan base comes behind and calling him – I didn’t see it – but I heard people were saying the ‘n’ word on his page. That’s not what I stand for and that’s not helping us move in the direction new want to move in. And I think both sides need to come together.

“Then I think like I said in my comment, as minorities if we are able to appreciate it – if Asians are able to be passionate about issues that aren’t just related to Asians. If African Americans are able to be passionate about issues that aren’t just related to African Americans, I think we’ll see something big start to happen. I think we’ll be able to influence mainstream society and that’s the ultimate goal. All this pitting me against him – or whatever that creates division I don’t stand for.”

Lin posted the transcription of his unplanned speech to his Twitter page…

…and netizens applauded his grace and tact:

Meanwhile, Martin has expressed his regret by posting an article with his comments on Twitter:

Netizens reacted thusly:

ESPN also recapped the entire Lin/Martin situation in a quick segment by Michael Smith:

Martin previously mentioned that he was attempting to connect with Lin about the entire episode; it remains to be seen they will ever speak on the matter.

Feature Image via Twitter / willviv59

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