Singaporean Father Desperately Calls Police on Boy Bullying His Daughter After School Does Nothing

Singaporean Father Desperately Calls Police on Boy Bullying His Daughter After School Does Nothing
Bryan Ke
October 17, 2017
A Singaporean father was criticized and sent “hate mails” after deciding to call the police to protect his daughter from bullies who have been terrorizing her for the past nine months.
The father, Jeffrey Pay, shared what happened on Facebook on October 9, writing that he is lucky that her daughter didn’t do anything to hurt herself after all the name calling and cyberbullying she’s received from the bullies at Yishun Secondary School.
In the beginning, she just found it irritating. However, gradually she became affected and angry over the remarks. I think the boy is just mischievous and doesn’t realise the psychological damage he’s doing to my daughter, Pay said during a telephone conversation with Stomp.
On October 5, however, the emotional impact on his daughter began to take its toll on her. The boy, who is reportedly from the National Cadet Corps (NCC), hurled vulgar words towards her after accidentally bumping his chair while the class was arranging the room for an upcoming examination.
She told me that her mind went blank during the examinations. When she got back the paper later, and found out that she really failed. She told me that she didn’t want to live anymore,” Pay revealed. “I told her that she shouldn’t give up as it will disappoint her teacher and uniformed group supervisor.
Pay tried to get the attention of the school staff as well as the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore. But, unfortunately, the bullying continued despite his efforts to put a stop to it.
So he decided to call the police and report the bullying to the authorities.
The police officers are called in to the School to take the statement from my daughter. After almost two hours, I received the Police’s Case Card and an Official Applications Form for Magistrate Complaint,” he wrote in a follow up post.
In another Facebook post, Pay admitted that he received hate mail coming from Yishun Secondary School students and acquaintances of the male bully.
Bullying has become a pretty severe problem in many schools throughout the world. Last month, a couple of cases were reported in South Korea, where two female students were brutally beaten by school bullies.
One of the girls was viciously beaten and sexually harassed by her bullies, while another girl in a separate incident was badly hurt and covered in blood.
Featured Image via Facebook / Jeffrey Pay
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