Jeff Goldblum experiences ‘religious ecstasy’ after trying Pocky for first time

Jeff Goldblum Pocky

One of Hollywood’s most eccentric figures has been enlightened by the ecstatic flavors of a Pocky stick.

On Wednesday, actor Jeff Goldblum was building gingerbread houses on a Twitch livestream with Rolling Stone when he tried his first-ever pocky. 

Taking bites out of the Matcha and Strawberry varieties was an eye-rolling, chest-clutching and stank face-inducing affair for Goldblum, who likened the flavors to “religious ecstasy.”

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His prayers were not left unanswered, with Pocky’s U.S. social media team changing the snack’s official Instagram account bio to reflect the  “Jurassic Park” star’s resounding endorsement. 

The bio for @pockyusa now reads: “‘Almost Religious Ecstacy’ – Jeff Goldblum.”

Named after the word “pokkin,” a Japanese onomatopoeia that evokes the snapping sounds made when eating these treats, Pocky sticks were first sold in 1966. 

Decades later, these bite-sized cream-coated biscuit snacks have cemented themselves as a signature snack within the Asian culinary canon with legions of fans from around the world.


Feature Image via @rollingstone

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