Jealous Cat on Twitter Growls After Owner Cheats by Playing with Another Cat

Just like humans, domesticated animals can also showcase jealousy and can even fuel aggression like this adorable little furball from Japan who became super aggressive after discovering that her owner played with another stray cat.

The clip, which was posted on Twitter by user @tadanocapo, starts off with the owner reaching out to the feline.

Her curiosity got the best of her when she went on to smell her owner’s hand. The cat’s neutral mew immediately turned into a vicious warning of anger as she realized that the human cheated on her with another cat, Grapee reported.

The cat’s aggression only grew when the owner tried to reach out to the animal. She started flicking her paw to drive the human’s hand away.

Despite the pet’s reaction, the Twitter user continues to pet other stray felines outside like nothing happened, as seen in the other video posted on the social media account.

Images via Twitter / @tadanocapo

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