Korean Voice Actress Gets Fired For Tweeting a Photo Wearing a T-Shirt

A South Korean voice actress consequently lost her jobs at Korean gaming companies Nexon and KOG Wars after tweeting a photo of her wearing what was apparently a very offensive t-shirt.

Jayeon Kim was a voice actress for MMORPG titles “Closers” and “Hero Warz” until the two gaming firms she was employed at announced they will be replacing her after the controversy her tweet caused.

Here’s the tweet that was deemed worthy of losing a job over:


The shirt’s design is the work of Korean website Megalian4,which is closely related the website Megalian, a website that promotes gender equality and an end to misogyny.

The latter’s anonymous users have gained fame and infamy for reversing sexist comments that women receive and aiming them at men.

Kim eventually expressed that she isn’t a member of Megalian and harbors no particularly strong feelings for the organization. However, she is willing to take responsibility if she did anything wrong.

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