Store Assistant Calls Asian-Australian Customer ‘Stupid Asian Bitch’

Store Assistant Calls Asian-Australian Customer ‘Stupid Asian Bitch’Store Assistant Calls Asian-Australian Customer ‘Stupid Asian Bitch’
In an unbelievably appalling encounter, a clothing store assistant asked one Asian-Australian customer to leave the shop’s premises while calling her a “stupid Asian bitch”.
The incident occurred at a YD outlet in Melbourne Central, a shopping mall linked to a train station in Melbourne, Australia.
On Wednesday night, Jaya Li-Nguyen walked in at the store and browsed items like any customer does. After picking one T-shirt from a pile, a store assistant called her attention:
“Do not touch the pile, it’s really hard to fold the clothes, tell me which size you want and I will get it.”
Jaya told the assistant that she wanted to check out the styles herself, but as soon as she took a second shirt, the assistant cut her out again.
Jaya then asked if she had the rights to browse as a customer and sought for the manager’s name. However, the assistant was determined to make her leave:
“Make a complaint if you want, LEAVE NOW YOU STUPID ASIAN BI*CH!”
A shocked Jaya took to post her experience on Facebook:
“I was totally shocked, what kind of rude, indecent and RACIST customer service did I just experience from this well-known company in Melbourne Central?!”
But Jaya’s horrible shopping visit did not end there. When she tried taking a photo of the entire shop to make a report, the store manager darted out of nowhere, grabbed her phone and twisted her wrists while yelling “You are under arrest!”
When Jaya screamed for help and people gathered, the manager pushed and asked her to “leave!”
The poor customer couldn’t help but express her shock over the events:
“How can a store manager from such a reputable, well-known store like YD inside a big shopping center provide such shocking customer service and assault me like that?! She was rude, racist and violent! I’m so shocked and angry that such a person is allowed to work in YD store Melbourne Central and act as a store manager!”
It did not take long before Melbourne Central noticed Jaya’s post, now shared over 5,000 times, and responded with an apology and request to be contacted.
“Melbourne Central management are very concerned about the incident which has occurred at the YD store. We have spoken with the customer to get an understanding of what occurred and what we can do to help. We are currently in communication with YD’s head office.”
The mall assured that it’s taking the matter seriously:
“Melbourne Central is committed to providing an environment where all of our visitors feel welcome. The customer has informed us that she has reported the incident to Victoria Police. We are currently reviewing CCTV footage to see if we can assist police further in their enquiries.”
In an update, Jaya said two YD senior managers had reached out and informed that the store manager in Melbourne Central had been, thankfully, suspended.
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