Jay Park Sparks Debate After Calling Himself ‘Historic’ Next to Bong Joon Ho and BTS

jay park

Korean-American rapper Jay Park sparked some fiery exchange between him and some Twitter users after he compared what his accomplishments with that of BTS and Bong Joon Ho.

“What bts has done for kpop what jay park has done for k hip hop what bong jun ho director has done for the korean film industry….. all very different lanes but all historic none the less and if u disagree u just a hater,” he wrote.

The tweet was a response to the reaction of some BTS fans on his resurfaced 2019 interview in which he talked about being put in the same category with the popular boy group.

“Ok so im seeing bts fans feelin some type of way. What bts has done is historic. Breaking all types of records its crazy and inspiring to see. Plus they live streamed listening to my song yacht when it came out so extra cool points for that,” he wrote in response.

The reactions are a mix of those berating him and those defending him for his opinions.


In a separate tweet, Park then explained that he was trying to highlight the challenges that he faced in the interview. 

“When it comes to hip hop though ‘kpop’ does not have the most authentic image and that’s just the truth. So me trying to make things happen in that field and also being asian i’ve come across some difficulties was my point in the interview.”

His earlier tweet, in which he claimed that “there isn’t an artist as versatile as me….. that is all,” also sparked some discussions among Twitter users.

Park ended the thread in jest saying he’ll mention “every kpop band in the book”  when he releases his next album to spark a similar response.

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