Narcissistic CEO Sends Self-Absorbed Letter to Employees After Company Goes Bankrupt


Caché, a store you may vaguely remember having walked by one time in a mall, has gone bankrupt and will be closing their chain of stores. It’s no surprise — they basically only catered to girls looking for prom dresses.

But the story isn’t about a prom dress store closing — it’s about the letter Caché’s CEO Jay Margolis wrote to his employees, who at this very second are basically all screwed out of a job with money owed to them.

A tipster, presumably a Caché employee, sent the following letter to Gawker, explaining that the company was “driven into the ground” by Margolis.

“Any vacation time [employees] had accrued they didn’t get paid for … It’s not so much Jay fucking over all these people with his incompetent running of the company but it’s this letter he emailed to all…The entire letter is about him…What a pompous prick to fuck over ‘thousands of people that make up CACHE’ and then write this letter essentially saying ‘don’t worry I’ll be ok.’ Self absorbed narcissistic prick.”

Here’s the letter Margolis sent his employees:

Margolis is basically saying to his employees, “Don’t worry about me. I still have a job, a movie deal, and I’ll be traveling the world. Peace, bitches.”

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