Jay Chou Scares People Out of Cafe in Japan After He’s Mistaken for a Yakuza Boss

jay chou

Jay Chou was recently mistaken for a gangster boss by customers when he entered a cafe while on vacation in Japan.

The 43-year-old artist, known as the King of Mandopop, is currently relaxing on vacation in Japan before he kicks off his concert tour in October.

Customers at the cafe failed to recognize Chou when he entered the shop to order some drinks, according to Oriental Daily via Asian One.

Some patrons thought he was a Yakuza boss because of the way he dressed in a dark print shirt, a beanie and sunglasses.

Customers reportedly paid for their bills and left as soon as they saw Chou enter the shop. The confusing encounter left the artist alone inside the cafe.

Featured Image via Instagram / jaychou

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