Jaw-Dropping Hyperlapse Video Will Take You Through East Asia in 2 Minutes

Asia is home to an incredible number of tourist attractions, however, many have yet to explore the hidden wonders of the region.

For those who are having second thoughts on visiting and discovering the continent, a new video by a couple from Switzerland may be just the thing to help one decide.  

Swiss pair Sylvain Botter and Jenny Gehrig have lovingly filmed their awe-inspiring trip throughout Asia, covering seven countries in the span of six months. Packed into a 2-minute clip are jaw-dropping images that featured familiar locations, captured and wonderfully edited in a fresh presentation.

The video, entitled “Share your dream”, featured well-known sights such as the Great Wall of China, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers and many others.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple decided to quit both of their jobs so they can follow their dreams. They also created their own website Lytchee.com and YouTube channel Lytchee TV, where they publish online video guides for different destinations. Together, they visited Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Botter, who is a freelance photographer, was able to create a mesmerizing visual experience after editing thousands of images using timelapse techniques of varying speeds.

“We travel to lose ourselves, and then to find ourselves,” Botter told Daily Mail. “And we have taken our first step to creating the best online video guide with the same passion and the same zeal, to motivate young people to travel while they can.”

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