Comedian Jason Cheny addresses Asian American ‘arrogance’ when asked where they’re from

Comedian Jason Cheny addresses Asian American ‘arrogance’ when asked where they’re from
Jane Nam
August 12, 2022
Comedian Jason Cheny asks “why Asian [Americans] have to hate on other Asians” in a video posted to his TikTok account.
In a clip of his act shared on Wednesday, Cheny points to an audience member and asks, “What’s your ethnic background?”
“You’re American obviously, yes?” Cheny notes before getting a response. 
“‘Cause they always give you grief,” he explains to the audience. “Like sometimes I ask an Asian person, ‘Where you from?’ They’re like, ‘Uh America, land of the free. Where are you from?’” 
“‘Cause I’m an immigrant,” continues Cheny. “So whenever an Asian person asks another Asian person and they’re born in America, they have this f*cking arrogance. They’ll be like, ‘Uh, f*cking here, the greatest country of the free world,’” he mimics while putting a hand on his hip. 
The comedian continues, exasperated, “I’m just like, ‘Why do you gotta — you know what I’m asking, bitch. Just answer me where your f*cking face is from, man.’” 
“We have the same kind of face; let’s just bond, dude,” Cheny adds as he interlocks his two hands.
The hilarious TikTok video has garnered over 240,000 views as of this writing and is his second post of the week. 
Cheney is a Taiwanese American stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles who is currently on tour and is scheduled to perform in San Diego, California, from Aug. 19-20 before heading to Houston, Texas, on Aug. 25. 
As of now, Cheny has stops lined up all the way to April 15, 2023, in Fort Worth, Texas, but appears to be adding more shows according to his social media.  
Featured Image via Don’t Tell Comedy
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