YouTuber Jason Chen Proves Height Doesn’t Matter With True Love

YouTuber Jason Chen Proves Height Doesn’t Matter With True LoveYouTuber Jason Chen Proves Height Doesn’t Matter With True Love
Short men have found another reason to believe that height does not matter thanks to a couple proving their existence in a now-viral photo.
Earlier this month, Jason Chen, a Taiwanese American singer and YouTuber, shared a picture of himself in an elegant suit with his girlfriend — actor, dancer and model Lucia Liu on Instagram.
“I don’t need to flirt. I will seduce you with my awkwardness,” Chen captioned the post, adding hashtags such as #tallgirls and #shortpeopleproblems.
It’s unclear how tall Liu actually is, but Chen’s followers have known as early as 2011 that he stands 5 feet and 4 inches (162.56 centimeters).
Image (Screenshot, Cropped) via YouTube / Music Never Sleeps
The couple first met at an overseas “Voice of China” contest several years ago, where Chen was a judge and Liu was a contestant.
“When I first saw him I thought he was really cute,” Liu said in a Q&A video on Chen’s channel, Music Never Sleeps. “A lot of people told me about him when I was backstage. We were like, ‘Oh my god, Jason Chen’s here, you know? He’s a great singer!’ I was really surprised, and when I saw him I just thought he was really cute.”
It was not difficult, however, to notice Chen’s height at first sight.
“But he’s a little short, you know. It’s just a fact,” Liu added. “But that was my first impression.”
Chen’s post on June 7 is only one of many where they can be seen standing side-by-side, showing the difference in their height.
But as wise ones would say, such a thing does not matter in the face of true love — and netizens now say that Chen has inspired them.
The post also made rounds on Facebook, where short gentlemen are being tagged by friends for a boost in self-confidence.
Featured Images via Instagram / @jasondchen
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