Japan’s Train Stations Are Now Using Sex Voice Actresses to Do Their Announcements

Some train stations in Japan have a special surprise for a certain population of commuters who also have a keen sense of hearing: the soothing voice of their favorite adult personalities.
With Japan’s specially developed voice acting industry, some popular voice actors have been able to transcend their entertainment scope which is why it shouldn’t be unusual to hear a familiar voice in the unlikeliest of places.
Japanese Twitter user @ameni1952 noticed the familiar voice while taking a train ride at the Niigata Station. While walking through the passageway connecting passenger transfer lines, he was surprised to hear the cute and sexy voice of popular adult voice actress Phan Masaki giving instructions on how to insert tickets into the automated entry gate.
The Twitter user expressed his excitement via the tweet below:
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According to RocketNews24, the established adult voice actress has reportedly performed in over 100 adult video games released in Japan, including “Ninja Pleasure Torture”, “Pregnancy Academy”, “Crime Breast Bounce”, “Sadomasocrazy”, “Multiangle Sex”. “If You Find a Cute Girl, Lick Her All Over”.
Masaki also did voice acting in the first and second parts of the trilogy “Monmosu Quest–If You Lose, the Enchantress Will Rape You” and the popular “What Will a Girl Do After She Sneaks into the Men’s Bath? 2”.
Her most recent works include the overly descriptively titled game “We’re Coming and Going! Cheerleader and Her Mom the Teacher–Cheering by Spreading the Body and Rape Game 2.”
Masaki’s clear and attention-grabbing delivery of announcements at the the Niigata Station certainly shows her versatility as a voice actress. Not only does her charming voice provide a sense of calm in a usually crowded, stressful area, her past accomplishments should also give some commuters something to smile about, at least for those who are in a “certain” gaming demographic.
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