Japan’s Latest Twitter Trend is the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Seen Yet

The latest Twitter craze in Japan all started with user @DogXyz, who showed off his artistic and creative ability while dexterously performing some bowling techniques with one hand.

The Japanese Twitter user drew a human caricature on his hand, and performed bowling maneuvers before posting a video, which has amassed over 234,000 likes and over 97,000 retweets. Fortunately, @DogXyz was able to execute the challenge so well that his hand looked like a human being going bowling.

Netizens were impressed that the Japanese man’s hand moved in the same natural way that a bowler does, according to SoraNews24.

The finger bowling challenge prompted numerous netizens to come up with their own renditions of it.

Some users even tried to step it up a notch by drawing a head on their thumb, giving the whole hand separate limbs and independent movement.

Although, not everyone was impressed with the challenge, with one commenter finding the finger bowling trend too disturbing.

However, that didn’t stop Twitter users from doing other activities with their hands. One netizen made his hand-human do some push ups.

Other netizens are already clamoring for an encore from @DogXyz.

Unfortunately, the Twitter user shot the idea down and explained that the challenge was a one-off thing.

The internet has come up with new yet strange challenges over the past few months such as the Heart-Shaped Boob challenge that took over Chinese social media or Indonesia’s Baby Shark Challenge.

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