Japan’s ‘Farts of Beautiful Women’ Event is Happening Again

The super bizarre event in Japan, which involves Japanese adult video (JAV) models and flatulence, is having a second run on the same day as the country’s traditional celebration “Hina Matsuri” on March 3, also known as Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day.

The event, called “Everyone Listen to the Farts of Beautiful Women Party Vol. 2.,” will let people experience female farts first-hand by listening to it and even sniff it, because why not.

Miu Akemi, the JAV who appeared in the first farting event in October 2017, will return in this year’s gathering of fart lovers.

She will be joined by Tomoka Akari.

And Saiko Yatsuhashi.

The tone of the event shouldn’t be that surprising — the cast consists of all JAV actresses, so expect to see mature entertainment. Plus, there will be farting – if the performers can actually squeeze one out.

Please understand that depending on the physical condition of the performers, farts may not come out,” a disclaimer in the event page wrote.

An Onarap Battle is also set to take place at the event, which will be held in Lefkada Shinjuku in Tokyo. Participants who will join the battle will have to freestyle rap but they must end their verse with a rippling fart.

The “Everyone Listen to the Farts of Beautiful Women Party Vol. 2” is only for guests who are 18 and above. Ticket price begins at 4,000 yen ($37) for early booking, while 4,500 yen ($42) for those who will buy it at the door. There is also a one-drink minimum for guests, which costs at about 500 yen each.

Featured image screenshot via Evelt

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