Japanese YouTuber Turns Pasta Into Razor Sharp Knife

Among the many things one can do with pasta, it’s a safe bet that turning it into a potentially lethal weapon likely isn’t one of them. However, a skillful artisan cutler from Japan is so good at what he does that he can turn spaghetti into a razor sharp knife.

Japanese Youtuber “Kiwami Japan”, whose channel is dedicated to making amazing things with knives, recently published a video showing his intricate process of making a knife out of the Italian food staple.

Kiwami began his 14-minute demonstration by setting up a wooden frame with some stainless steel woven mesh sheet.

Then, he turned packet of dried pasta into a fine powder, which he sieved carefully.

Next, he mixed the powder with water in a saucepan, kneading it deliberately for consistency.

He then sealed the pasta dough inside a Ziploc plastic bag before making an outline of a knife out of it.

It was traced, cut out, heated in a microwave, and then set to dry for a week inside the earlier prepared wooden/steel frame.

The hardened pasta knife mold was then subjected to meticulous shaping and sharpening using a variety of whetstones.

To test his new pasta knife, Kiwami began slicing through tomatoes and cardboard boxes.

Impressed? Watch the entire process here:

Kiwani has been entertaining his followers for about a year now with his amazing knife-making skills. He also made headlines back in December for creating a knife out of a Japanese fish.

Feature image via YouTube / kiwami japan

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