Japanese YouTuber Teaches You How Gift Wrap Like a Pro

Meet Shiho Masuda, a creative gift wrapping designer who can turn even your simplest gift into an elegant, amazingly adorable looking one.

With her super paper-folding precision, Masuda can turn ordinary box of gift into something that would make a person hesitate to open it so the presentation won’t get ruined – yes, it’s that good looking.

Just look at how cute it looks.

Luckily, you can also create something like this – of course it would take a lot of practice.

Aside from running an Instagram account, Masuda also has a website and a YouTube channel called Paper Guru where she offers free how-to videos on creative gift wrapping.

She also offers an online course on Yuzen paper gift wrapping for $39.

“In this course, you will learn 10 creative gift wrapping designs using the Yuzen papers in different colors and motifs,” Masuda wrote in the page. “Although the designs are created to showcase the beauty of the Yuzen papers, they can be applied to other wrapping papers you have on hand.”

Or if you just want a straight, how-to video on certain things to wrap, you can just head over to hear channel. Like this one, for instance, where she wrapped a simple T-shirt and made it extra special.

Check out more of her work below:

Follow Masuda on Instagram and on YouTube for more quick how-tos in creative gift wrapping.

Images via Instagram / shihomasuda_giftwrapping

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