10-Year-Old YouTuber Says Parents Have ‘No Rights to Force’ Their Kids to Go to School

10-Year-Old YouTuber Says Parents Have ‘No Rights to Force’ Their Kids to Go to School
Bryan Ke
May 13, 2019
A very young Japanese YouTuber is apparently causing quite a stir on YouTube for advocating for children to not go to school if they don’t really want to, and arguing that parents have no rights to force their children to do so.
The YouTuber, known as Yutabon, has recently posted a short video in which he talked about how parents shouldn’t force their kids to go to school and that there are serious consequences for doing this.
If kids wish to go to school, then parents are obligated to let them. But if they do not want to attend classes, then parents have no right to force them to. Many children will suffer and die if they are forced to receive education. Life is very important, so protect yourselves!” he said in one section of the video, as translated by SoraNews24.
The video clearly did not sit well with many of his viewers. Not only did it receive an abundance of negative comments, as noted by the report, the clip also garnered quite a lot of down votes from viewers, which is now roughly over 59,000 as of the time of writing.
Yutabon regularly skips school and has been doing so for two years now. And surprisingly, he has been advocating for his YouTube fan base of 25,000 to do the same. This reportedly started when he was in third grade when he noticed one of his classmates following what the teacher said, much like a robot.
After witnessing this, he vowed to skip school and to spread his own way of thinking to his other viewers and subscribers.
While he may regularly skip school, Yutabon is still technically enrolled to his school. As noted by SoraNews24, expulsion is extremely rare in Japan and that education for elementary and junior high students is compulsory in the country. So with all that being said, even if the student skips school for months, he or she could still be considered as enrolled.
However, some fans couldn’t help but look to his household, particularly his parents. It turns out that his father, Yukiya Nakamura, chose the same path when he was still young. He chose not to attend school at all.
Yutabon’s father had a rather colorful life as a youngster — it has been said that he was known for stealing bikes and for smoking. Then, after graduating from junior high, Nakamura joined the workforce and had changed jobs more than 20 times ever since stepping in.
Nakamura was then involved in criminal activities; however, he later realized the importance of being a law-abiding citizen and of course, ironically, education.
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Surprisingly, his thought-provoking message had some sort of effect on some of his viewers. In fact, it helped one of them. The user wrote in the comment:
“I’m a third-year junior high student who has not been to school since my first year. I saw your video during Golden Week and thought it’d be a grave mistake if I continued skipping classes. I walked into my class today after two years. Even though I only went to the entrance ceremony, everyone accepted me and I felt foolish for distancing myself from them. It might be a little tiring, but I will attend school from now on! You have changed my view on life!!! Thank you so much!!!”
This is clearly not what Yutabon wanted his viewers to take away from his video. Regardless, it’s great that people are learning to steer clear from this example and looking at education through a new perspective.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / 少年革命家ゆたぼんチャンネル
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