YouTuber Buys Man’s Rusty Knife for $3, Makes Him Regret Selling It

YouTuber Buys Man’s Rusty Knife for $3, Makes Him Regret Selling ItYouTuber Buys Man’s Rusty Knife for $3, Makes Him Regret Selling It
One knife seller thought he had the upper hand when he sold a worn out and rusty traditional Japanese knife for $3 to a gullible buyer, but he’ll regret selling the knife for cheap after what it has become.
The buyer, a Japanese YouTuber named Jun, shared the story in a video on Monday, which immediately went viral and has now received over six million views.
“So the other day, I went to a recycle store to get rid of some of my stuff. And when I went to the store, there was a guy who was trying to sell his stuff,” Jun recalled. “And one of the things was this traditional Japanese knife.”
From its rusty and worn out appearance, the knife seemed to be a waste of even $0.30, which the seller wanted the store to buy it for.
The store easily declined the bargain. But when Jun asked if he could buy the knife instead, the seller increased the price ten-fold:
“I talked to him and asked if he would sell it to me and he said ‘I will not sell it for less than $3.'”
Despite the ridiculous price, he bought the knife anyway, while the seller left the store “with a giant smile on his face.”
Jun, feeling that he had lost to the seller, was determined to make the most of his purchase:
“I’m gonna sharpen and clean this knife as much as I can and make that guy jealous and regret selling it to me for ONLY $3.”
As seen in the video, Jun first scrubbed the rust off the knife with a special solution.
He then proceeded to polishing and sharpening the blade.
The whole process appeared relatively tedious, but the end result is a product that dwarfs perhaps even pricier knives.
Jun ends the video demonstrating the surgical precision his “all-new” knife is capable of.
His cat, which witnessed everything, also seems quite impressed.
Watch the transformation below:
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