Japanese YouTuber Goes Viral After Revealing Dorky High School Photo

Takumi Nakau, a very handsome Japanese YouTuber who is being described as what a “modern handsome Japanese dude” would look like, recently blew the minds of his fans after sharing a dorky picture of himself taken when he was still in high school.

The 19-year-old college student living in Kobe, Japan, who can literally pass up as a fashion model or even a pop idol, is known for his YouTube channel called Takufute Channel that he runs with his girlfriend. They both tackle relationship issues and give out advice to their subscribers, according to SoraNews24.

While many may think that Nakau was born with a model-like face, the YouTuber surprised everyone by sharing a picture of himself back in high school that shows the exact opposite of what people were expecting. It was said in the report that the pictures were taken when he was still in second year of high school, meaning he was probably around 16 or 17 when these were taken.

“I do this every time I get a lot of new followers.

I used to be the sort of super-gloomy-looking guy you see here. Well, when I hit my second year of high school, I thought I had to make a change, so I worked hard and became the person I am now. I used to be that kind of guy, but if you work hard, things will get better, so don’t give up, is what I want to say,” he wrote in the tweet, as translated by SoraNews24.

In another video, Nakau mentioned his past self to his fans, saying that his high school self was a guy who “wore glasses, had a dorky hairstyle, and didn’t wear fashionable clothes.”

He then continued to note that despite the changes he had gone through since high school, Nakau thinks that he is just a young man who’s changed his image “to be more like the person he now wants to be” not someone who is particularly popular with women, the report said.

Nakau didn’t give out any tips or reveal the steps he took to change his physical appearance, but what Nakau is possibly saying is that if anyone really wants something, they should work hard for it. And the outcome would probably be worth it.

Featured image (left, right) via Twitter / takumisab

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