Japanese Pro Wrestler Clarifies Posting ‘Nude’ Pic on Twitter

Keiji Muto, is a famous pro wrestler in Japan who rose to fame under the name The Great Muta. He’s also one of the first Japanese pro wrestlers to become famous outside of his own country.

He recently shared a risque photo of himself on Twitter while relaxing at an onsen (Japanese hot spring) in Hakone, Japan.

In the photo, Muto tries to hide his privates using what seems to be a wooden water bucket; however, some of his fans think he may have missed the mark.

A close-up picture showed something poking out – so to speak. It is not exactly clear what this thing is, but people seemed to get the picture here.

After gaining much attention online, Muto quickly returned back to the onsen to take a picture of what that thing was. As it turns out, it was actually the handle of the wooden water bucket that he used for cover.

An urgent notice! Everyone, you seem to have misunderstood…what looks like my…’thing’ is actually this handle (of the washing bucket)!! Unfortunately, I am not this big!” he said as translated by Grapee.

Many found his dedication to explaining himself and defusing a controversial situation to be admirable. Some expressed their appreciation for his effort in clearing his name in the comments:

“The `handle` is also very admirable!”

“I love that once your privates got spotted, you rushed back into the bath to take this picture.”

“Well, that’s not fair!”

“Well that’s a funny looking handle. Whoever made it must have been thinking of something else…”

Featured images via Twitter / muto_keiji (left) and ysk5103, (right)

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