Japanese Women Take Baths With Their Fathers Into High School, Survey Reveals

Most people throughout the world would consider taking baths with your parents in junior high and even into high school rather taboo, but in Japan, which has a long history of communal bathing, children taking baths with their parents up until junior high and even high school, while uncommon, isn’t unheard of.

Aside from same-sex bathing in hot springs or community baths, sons taking baths with their mothers and daughters taking baths with their fathers is, especially as little children, a cultural norm. But until what age does that cultural norm stay normal?

In a 2015 survey, researchers asked 333 women in their 20s and 30s if they still bathed with their fathers in junior high and up until high school.

Over 10% of women in both age groups said they took baths with their fathers in junior high.

Just under 10% of  women in their 20s said they took baths with their fathers when they were in high school and over 5% of women in their 30s said they bathed with their fathers.

While the idea of bathing with your parent might certainly be cringeworthy, it’s equally curious to explore a culture where that is quite normal.

Source: RocketNews24
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