Japanese Women Reveal What They’d Do If They Were Men For a Day

Japanese Women Reveal What They’d Do If They Were Men For a Day
Kyle Encina
August 8, 2017
A Japanese survey reveals what most women would do if they were given a chance to step into a man’s shoes. Women in Japan are often urged not to wear too revealing clothing in public, but this rule tends to be more lenient towards men.
So when given a chance, women would also want a bit of that freedom that their male counterparts get, specifically in choosing what to wear at the beach. According to SoraNews24, The survey, conducted by Japanese survey site Minna no Ko, found that a majority of Japanese women would want to go topless at the beach if given a chance to be a man for a day.
The topless beach experience received 21% out of the 4,043 respondents, making it the most popular choice among Japanese women. While it’s not impossible for women to go topless at the beach, it’s a scenario that would certainly raise some eyebrows.
Another factor that gave the option to go topless more votes is due to the survey being carried out during summer in Japan when humidity levels are quite high. The second most popular choice is “hitting on a girl” which garnered 20% of the votes.
Women hitting on other women isn’t widely considered as a norm specially in countries with strict cultural and traditional views. For these Japanese respondents, hitting on girls while in a man’s body is the perfect way to experience it without public prejudice.
For the third most popular choice, 12% of the Japanese women respondents chose to don a man’s hairstyle. This is yet another choice that isn’t impossible for women to do even if they’re not in a man’s body.
However, women rocking extremely short hair tended to attract unwanted attention compared to men who commonly keep their hair short on a daily basis. It appears that the choices of these Japanese women had a lot to do with the portrayal of females being more conservative than males. This just goes to show that if given a chance, women would like the same amount of freedom that men have without having to deal with public judgment.
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