Japanese Women Choose Between Short Handsome Men or Tall Plain-Looking Men in Dating Survey

When it comes to choosing between someone who is handsome or tall, some Japanese women have made up their mind.

There are already countless surveys that aim to assess whether physical attractiveness and other characteristics play a role when it comes to dating successfully.

According to RocketNews24, a recent survey conducted by a Japanese Internet portal called My Navi no Maduguchi asked 286 female participants whether they would choose between a short and handsome man or an average-looking but tall man for a date.

The survey revealed that 75.2% of the respondents said they would rather date someone who is tall but looks average.

Meanwhile, some of the 24.8% of those who chose the short but handsome option aid that it’s not all about looks. One argued that because she is petite, it would be a challenge to talk to someone who is more vertically blessed.

The large margin in the results show how most Japanese women tend to lean towards someone who is tall despite their physical appearance.

So, tip for the guys out there that gave up dating because they think they don’t look good enough, if you’ve got the height then you may be in luck.

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