Japanese Woman’s Relationship With ’18-Year-Old Grandpa’ is Not At All What You’d Expect

Japanese Woman’s Relationship With ’18-Year-Old Grandpa’ is Not At All What You’d Expect
Ryan General
September 16, 2016
A Japanese ad with an intriguing concept and heart-tugging story that features a young woman’s special relationship with an “18-Year-Old Grandpa” has recently been posted on YouTube.
Looking tired and weary, the elderly “18-year-old” is seen reminiscing with his younger companion on a porch. It is later revealed that the pair aren’t actually related. In many Asian cultures, such as Japan, the term for word for “grandpa” can be used to refer to any elderly man.
The video later reveals how the two first met one rainy evening at a convenience store parking lot.
The woman found the old-looking man homeless and seeking shelter among some crates. It was conveyed that she later took him to her home after.
“I was just hungry,” the old man remembered.
Another scene illustrated the man’s playful behavior during his early years when the woman recalled how he would often spend the day outside but would always get himself into fights, returning home all messy from a brawl.
The old man apologetically admits at the memory of having caused much trouble for his patient friend. She assures him that it was all alright.
The pair exhibits such a special relationship that it would keep one wondering what the “18-year-old” reference is all about.
“18 years… No wonder my body is getting weary,” the man said as he laid himself in the lady’s lap.
The video indicated how the two have had a lot of memories together and the woman positively looks ahead, telling “grandpa” to take care of himself for him to live a longer life.
“I need you to live for a long time,” she told him. When “grandpa” responded in agreement, his real persona is revealed.
In human years, an 18-year-old cat means it is nearing its 90th, thus explaining the grandpa’s tired and weakened state. Since pets have a longer life expectancy in Japan, the ad is a nice reminder to ensure that they are given more care in the latter years of their lives.
Mars Japan, the local distributor of Kal Kan cat food (known as Whiskas in other countries) created the touching ad just before Japan’s Respect for the Aged Day, which is coming up on September 19.
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