Japanese Woman Easily Eats 10,000 Calories of McDonald’s for Thanksgiving

If you haven’t heard yet, a petite Japanese woman had no problem consuming more than 10,000 calories of McDonald’s in one sitting — and giving a thorough review afterwards.

In 2016, in her own Thanksgiving spin-off, YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita gorged on five hamburgers, three large fries and 23 packs of desserts, which included 10 dark chocolate pies, 10 white chocolate pies and three tiramisu McFlurrys.

The cornucopia of a meal, washed down with three large Cokes, was 10,642 calories in total.

While Kinoshita’s jaw hurt after her fourth burger, she carried on like a soldier and finished triumphantly!

After the feast, she even went on to give a detailed review of what happened, and we can only guess how she managed.

Kinoshita, who consumes thousands of calories in her videos, has more than 3.6 million subscribers at present.

In total, her videos have raked 1.2 billion views to date!

Kinoshita easily joins our list of amazing mukbang stars!

Watch the entire video below:

Check out her latest post, too, where she chomps down five huge burgers:

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