Japanese Woman Creates the Most Epic Wristwatches By Hand

Think you have the coolest watch ever? Think again.

Japanese designer FRISK_P has been making such epic wristwatches that even Apple Watch Series 3 are trembling in awe.

A vacuum fluorescent display watch

For starters, FRISK_P’s mission is “to make wristwatches that nobody else makes,” so she deserves respect from the get-go.

A propeller hologram watch

Her aesthetic toys in steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction that extends to music, engineering, and fashion. The style incorporates Victorian machinery from the 19th century into modern technology.

An “Automata Wristwatch,” which writes time with an ink and quill

On top of their looks, FRISK_P’s watches truly deserve merit as they happen to be fully-functional. Watch them in action:

But mind you, FRISK_P is not only making watches — she creates other steampunk devices, such as an amplifier, a raygun, a keyboard, a calculator, and a steampunk cat tank, among others!

FRISK_P is on YouTube and Twitter, so if you’d like to see more, be sure to give her a follow!

Feature image via YouTube / FRISK_P

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