Japanese Woman Allows Strangers to Fondle Her Breasts ‘For World Peace’

In a uniquely valiant effort to promote world peace, a popular Japanese YouTuber recently offered her breasts to strangers for some free squeezes.

Holding up a sign that said “Free Oppai” (“Free Breasts”), young online celebrity Pepsi Lu recently allowed passersby near the busy Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan to squeeze her breasts. She was with a small group consisting of three men and a woman to ensure everything was in order during the brief spectacle.

In a video footage uploaded via YouTube on November 23, Lu can be seen sharing some laughs with the volunteer fondlers, who appear to be enjoying the boob-grabbing event.

“The world will be at peace. Breasts will save the world,” Lu proclaimed as the squeezing went on. 

She can be heard expressing her appreciation to people who went out their way and offered a moment of their time for a squeeze or two. Some “generous” volunteers even rubbed their faces between her breasts, a gesture she seemed to appreciate.

According to SoraNews24, the event went smoothly, as around sixty squeezers consisting of Japanese men, women, and some foreign tourists participated in her noble cause.

Lu’s stunt appears to have been inspired by individuals from different parts of the world who went viral in recent years for offering free hugs to strangers on the streets to inspire positivity.

Featured Image via YouTube / チンフェ

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