Japanese Company Has Child Actors Act Out Parts of Your Life During Your Wedding

Japanese Company Has Child Actors Act Out Parts of Your Life During Your Wedding
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 30, 2018
A Japanese company created a unique concept of making weddings even more memorable by “replaying” events from the couple’s lives.
Using child actors and nostalgic photos, Surprise-Mall promises “extraordinary custom wedding performance” through their service called “MemoReplay,” SoraNews24 reports.
Here’s how the company describes the service:
“Thanks to a combination of our team of professional (child) actors and your own treasured memories with your parents, MemoReplay revives your memories with warmth and vivid color, and lets you convey all the gratitude you felt to your parents while they raised you. Finally, we will gift the new bride with a letter that’s sure to make this experience even more unforgettable.”
Working in coordination with a couple’s wedding planner, Surprise-Mall produces a touching presentation which involves a slideshow of old images and recreations of certain life events with child actors playing the younger versions of the bride and groom.
With a lot of research and effort required to pull off successfully, the elaborate service is priced at around 218,000 yen ($1,967). So far, the service is creating quite a buzz among Japanese netizens as sample videos posted by the company have gone viral in recent weeks.
One popular video features the wedding of Shigeru and Kanna. Their younger years were re-enacted by actors whose looks and wardrobe exactly match the couple’s old photos.
The parents of the marrying couple watch in awe as young Shigeru and young Kanna enter the stage and do their bit.
A new set of actors made presentations about the couple’s teenage years which recalled the challenges and accomplishments they encountered.
The final act involved adult versions of the newlyweds thanking their parents for the sacrifices that led to their success.
A letter is then passed along the female actresses until it eventually reaches the real bride.
By the time Kanna starts reading out her letter, the entire room is in tears, which is a perfect end to the performance.
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