Japanese Wearable Tech For Animals Will Show You How Your Pet Feels

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re able to read your pet’s mind?
The good news is Japan might have just opened the gateway for this new and weird technology. According to CNN, Japan is taking wearable tech in another level and introducing it to an unlikely but cute market.
Inupathy, Japan’s latest wearable tech development aims to help people understand their pets. The harness has a noise-cancelling feature which helps keep track of your pet’s heartbeat and reaction stimulus.
When the data is gathered, it will determine the pet’s mood and will inform the owner by color changes of the harness or through the owner’s smartphone in real-time.
Inupathy has six LED lights ready to indicate colors like blue for calmness, red for excitement, and an adorable rainbow display for happiness.
The CEO of Inupathy Joji Yamaguchi said he was inspired to make this revolutionary and weird wearable tech because of his corgi named “Akane.” He said that his pet was a nervous puppy so this prompted him to develop something to help monitor his dog’s anxiety and heart rate.
“I always felt like I couldn’t understand Akane very well and I wanted to get be closer to him,” Yamaguchi said.
Furthermore, he added, “Buddhism and old Japanese religion says every animals, plants, and even rocks have spirit inside. It’s stressful when you can’t solve problems that are upsetting them.”
Inupathy is set for launch by the end of this year with prices starting at $149.
If you haven’t bought anything yet for your pets this holiday season, this seems to be a good one!
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