Japanese Twitter User Plays ‘Despacito’ Using Two Calculators and It’s Glorious

How often do you hear someone say, “I play the calculator”? Well, now one Twitter user can after winning the Internet with his remarkable talent of playing songs using calculators.

Japanese Twitter user, @zk_oj, posted several videos on his social media page that proves these electronic devices can be quite fun, too. One of the highlighted post in zk_oj’s profile is his own rendition of Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade’s Dreamlights on calculators.

To make it more interesting, he used two Dragon Night AR7778 calculators as if he is playing on a piano. This China-made calculator is available on Amazon Japan for the price of 2,480 Japanese yen (around $22.50).

Even the hit summer song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee is also on the list of songs that he can perform on the calculators.

Japanese users were certainly amazed by his talents, with one person asking if he’s “some sort of a mathemagician,” according to SoraNews 24.

All I usually get when I press the buttons is a dull ‘click’ sound,” another fan wrote, which is kind of true, especially for us who only use a boring, ordinary model.

In case calculators are not your thing, here is a musical telephone.

Featured Images via YouTube / It’s a small world

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