Japanese Twitter Shares ‘Lifehack’ of Turning Tuna Can Into a Candle After Osaka Earthquake

Japanese Twitter Shares ‘Lifehack’ of Turning Tuna Can Into a Candle After Osaka Earthquake

June 25, 2018
A natural disaster can strike at any given time and any practical know-how on basic surviving methods can be quite useful in emergency situations. 
This is especially necessary for places like Japan, which is prone to earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and other natural disasters due to its natural location.
A recent earthquake in Osaka prompted one Twitter user to share a useful lifehack that turns a can of tuna into an instant source of light and heat.
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“Many people might know of this but (cans of) tuna can be turned into lamps too,” wrote Twitter user @Yu__to0911 as translated by SoraNews24.

“1. Punch a hole in the center of the lid.

2. Thread some string through the hole and dip it into the oil.

3. Light the string.

Tissue works just as well as string. The tuna can be eaten after being used as a lamp, and it doesn’t hurt for people to learn about this life hack.”
Of course, this also assumes that the canned tuna is packed with oil and not water, like many brands of canned tuna in the United States.
While transforming tuna cans into a lamp is not really new, the recent natural calamities in Japan have made the clever idea popular on Japanese social media.
Japanese netizens who previously had no knowledge of the particular technique were thankful for the tip while the rest shared their experiences in using the tuna lamp.
“Thanks for this! I’ll try this out tomorrow with a few cans and some string,” one commenter wrote.

“Oh no! I ate all my canned tuna for lunch today,” another user said in jest.

“The aroma of tuna will fill the room though. I’ve tried it before and not only was the tuna heated up, it got rid of the excess oil too,” one netizen shared.

“I did this during the Great Hanshin earthquake. When the oil ran out, the tuna was heated up nicely and it was delicious. You can also heat up water using the fire. It might take a while for cup ramen, but it was quick when I tried it with a cup of water,” said a commenter.
As simple as this tip may seem, knowing such tricks can sometimes spell the difference between life and death. If you’ve got one, feel free to share your own emergency lifehack below.
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