Japanese Twitter Goes Crazy Over Hair Product That Magically Covers Bald Spots

A video showing the epic restoration of a man’s balding head to its full glory has gone viral among Japanese netizens on Twitter.

User @kokubucamera posted the video on July 5 and has since amassed at least 131,000 retweets, 142,000 likes and 250 comments.

According to SoraNews24, the man in the video is user @kokubucamera’s company president, and the product being used is Super Million Hair, which apparently has been in the market for years.

However, it was only about last year when the product made rounds in Japanese Twitter, exciting prospective users and prompting discussion.

As seen in the video, Super Million Hair does its wonders by replicating the appearance of actual human hair through small vegetable fibers, which are sprinkled over thinning to bald spots on the head.

The result is an instant volume fix that solves every balding man’s problem, albeit only temporarily.

Sadly, the video ends with the removal of the product with an unforgiving hair vacuum.

That implies users may best avoid the wind while wearing the cosmetic, or they can buy a “supplement” that reportedly helps keep the fibers in place.

Japanese Twitter users had mixed reactions, but many were obviously impressed and expressed interest in purchasing the product:


“It’s the future!”

“How much does it cost?”

“Please check after you make sure there are no people around! Lol”

“It is super awesome… I felt a deep sadness when [it was] sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.”

In case you’re interested in getting one for yourself, Amazon Japan currently sells it for ¥2,720 (around $24).

Check out the entire process below:

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