Millions of Japanese Twitter Users Dazzled By Man Who Makes Foam From Face Wash

Millions of Japanese Twitter Users Dazzled By Man Who Makes Foam From Face Wash

October 19, 2018
A Japanese Twitter user has captivated many netizens with his unique talent at making unusually large foams of bubbles.  
Twitter user Karin’s (@na_mi_da) claim to online fame is his uncanny ability to make giant clumps of foam out of just a tiny drop of facial wash.
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He demonstrated his skill in a mesmerizing video that has been viewed over 5.6 million times since he posted it on Wednesday. As of this writing, the viral post has been retweeted over 120,00 times and received over 420,000 likes.
In the short clip, Karin showed how he transformed a small drop of washing cream into a large fluffy cloud of bubbles.
Karin expertly uses his hands in gently squeezing the soapy liquid and adding a little bit of water from time to time to make it more frothy.
The satisfying ending showed the soapy build-up turn into a nice puffy mass of pure white bubbles.
According to Soranews24, Karin wrote a humble caption on his first video: “I, who am nothing, have but one talent, so I would like to show it to you.”
Karin says that his technique creates a more dense foam than pump-dispensed foaming face washes. He also claims that his foam feels really good on the skin.

Impressed Japanese netizens were all praises in their comments on Karin’s videos.

“It always says in the directions to massage it into a foam, but I never knew that this is how you do it!” a Twitter user wrote.
“Wow! lol You look like a professional craftsman!” another one commented.
“What an amazing talent! It looks like you could even whip up egg whites into a meringue!” chimed in another user.
“Awesome! It’s mysterious and relaxing to watch.” commented one.
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Karin has since posted other videos using a variety of brands. He noted that while his technique works with other brands of cleansers, “foam” type wash brands are the easiest to use.
More impressively, he can even do it with soap:
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Featured image via Twitter/Karin (@na_mi_da)
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