Japanese Twitter Account Imagines Bromance Between Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury

While both Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury are international legends and icons in each of their own crafts, it probably is safe to say the two never got to hang out, let alone become best of friends at any point in their careers.

But no matter how far fetched, it would really be awesome if they did. Just imagine the adventures those two could enjoy together!

It’s a good thing someone in Japan has already translated the idea into one magical and perplexing Twitter account.

Using action figures to convey photo-based story panels, Japanese Twitter account @suekichiii lets Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury hang out in a variety of hilarious scenes that are seemingly lifted from a Robot Chicken episode.

Hilarious scenes fill each post and while most of them are really difficult to comprehend, they are quite a sight to behold:

Here’s to the friendship the world didn’t get the first time around.

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