This Japanese Train Station’s Announcement Sounds Like it’s Opening the Gates to Hell

This Japanese Train Station’s Announcement Sounds Like it’s Opening the Gates to Hell
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
May 8, 2019
Train stations in Japan often play a sound or melody that acts as an announcement for whenever a train approaches, but one station’s tune has been deemed to be unsettling for some of its commuters.
A Japanese Twitter user that goes by the handle name of MC Hyodo (@ko_ma_) recently posted a recording of the unsettling sound that the hub of JR Tennoji Station played as a train approached. Dubbing it as “The most disturbing sound in human history,” as translated by SoraNews24, the music seems to be composed of chaotic combinations of notes that gives off unsettling vibes.
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It’s unclear what this music is or who composed it. SoraNews24 tried to uncover the mystery of the tune, but came up short.
There’s also a mystery behind the fact that train stations in Japan apparently change their train arrival music; however, as one social media user pointed out, this tune has been playing at the station for quite some time now.
The report tried to speculate the eeriness of the music by suggesting that there could be two possible explanations behind it: one, there could be two chimes from different platforms mixing together, and another is that the music is echoing in the station causing the spine-tingling dissonance.
Regardless of the reasoning behind it, social media users are equally creeped out by the tune. Here is what some of them wrote as translated in the report:
“Very avant-garde.”
“Even after the screens go dark, that sound will continue to echo from the speakers forever. Then we will know we are in hell.”
“I’ve heard this all my life, so I didn’t find it disturbing.”
“It kind of motivates me to get on board and get out of there.”
“Imagine having to listen to that on a Monday morning.”
“That’s Shinzo Abe’s entrance music.”
“Osaka’s a pretty wild place.”
“I take that train every day and am still not used to it.”
“Sounds like music from a horror movie.”
Featured image via Twitter / ko_ma
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