‘Please come again’: Japanese train station mails back passenger’s lost item with touching message

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  • Twitter user @GlraFFE posted about a train station in Japan’s Hokuriko region that mailed back their lost travel tumbler with a sweet message.
  • The user, who lives in the Kanto region of Japan, would have had to travel back about 249 miles to retrieve it and asked the train station to mail the tumbler to their home.
  • When the tumbler arrived, the user found a heartwarming message attached, prompting many other social media users to comment on the post to share similar experiences.

Twitter user @GlraFFE shared a heartwarming story about a train station in Japan that returned their lost tumbler along with a sweet message.

Upon arriving at home, the Twitter user realized they had lost their tumbler on the Shinkansen bullet train in the Hokuriku region of Japan. After calling the station, GlraFFE was informed that the lost item had been found and requested that it be mailed back due to the long distance between their home and the train station, reported SoraNews24.

A couple of days later, the lost tumbler arrived in the mail wrapped neatly in protective packaging along with a small message that initially looked like a train ticket.


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The message card read, “Our customer’s precious item, delivered” and “Delivery Complete. Please Come Again. Toyama Station.”

The back of the message card also had a heartwarming message that read: “Thank you very much for routinely using JR West Japan… We understand the anxiety this must’ve caused you, but we are also happy that we could hand this over to you safely. We pray that you won’t miss your precious items so you can travel with peace of mind when you use us in future. Please return again to Toyama, which is brimming with charm.”

According to SoraNews24, some users commented on the post to share their similar experiences of having their lost items returned with decorated message cards. Others agreed with @GlraFFE’s comment about the “wonderful” service of the Toyama Station.

One user said, “This makes me want to visit Toyama right now!” while another commented, “I love this so much – so heartwarming!”

Feature Image via Mustard

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