Japanese Teacher Writes Love Letter To One Of His Students — Here’s What She Did

Japanese Teacher Writes Love Letter To One Of His Students — Here’s What She Did

June 1, 2018
A male teacher in Japan, believed to be in his 30s, was shut down pretty badly after he inappropriately tried to ask a female student if she liked him through a secret love letter.
The incident took place at a high school in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in early February when the female student in question found an anonymous letter inside her desk.
It asked, If you have a crush on the teacher, give some sort of sign,” according to Kobe Shimbun Next as translated by SoraNews24.
The letter soon became a hot topic of gossip among the students in the class, which prompted the female student to ask around if anyone knew who sent her the letter. The person she asked was her teacher. He told the student that he did not know who slipped the letter inside her desk, but he suspected that it could be one of her classmates.
It wasn’t until a later date when the teacher finally spilled the beans and boldly confronted the female student by asking her, Do you like me?” while no other students were around in the classroom.
However, her response is what a female teenager would say to a much older man she doesn’t find attractive: “You’re like, whatever, I guess.”
She then officially complained to the school administrators about her teacher. As punishment, the teacher now faces disciplinary actions for his inappropriate behavior.
During questioning, the male educator admitted that he was the one who left the letter inside the girl’s desk after becoming attracted to her hard-working nature when it came to her studies and that his intentions were pure.
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