Japanese Teacher Keeps Students Awake By Pointing a Realistic Toy Pistol At Them

While some teachers like to incorporate games and competitiveness to motivate and keep students awake during a boring class, one English teacher in Japan thought brandishing a real-looking gun was a surefire way to get the adrenaline rushing.

The teacher, whose name was left out when Twitter user @komathematicsR shared the story on social media, noticed that some of his students looked sleepy during an English class.

You’re all sleepy at this time of day. At times like this, a true educator knows it’s his job to draw out his students’ ability to concentrate, the teacher observed, according to SoraNews24.

That’s when he whipped out a real-looking model pistol which he held in his right hand as he stretched it out. As expected, students in his classroom were surprised and immediately became more alert. The teacher then proceeded with the lesson of “classification essays” after his shocking stunt.

However, @komathematicsR pointed out that the gun was fake and didn’t have any bullets. He also claims that it’s part of his teacher’s humor, often joking around to lighten up the classroom.

He wasn’t trying to threaten us. The teacher loves jokes, and the model gun was just an aspect of his sense of humor, the user said.

While the photo that @komathematicsR posted appears to the gun pointing at the female student sitting in the front row of the class, the Twitter user clarified that it’s due to the perspective in which the photo was taken.

Featured Image via Twitter / @komathematicsR

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