Japanese Study Reveals Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Will Make You Smarter

Japanese Study Reveals Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Will Make You Smarter
King Malleta
By King Malleta
November 23, 2016
How does ice cream for breakfast sound?
Yoshiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University, conducted a “clinical trial” that links eating ice cream in the morning to positive effects on the brain’s performance. Koga, who is an expert in psychophysiology, concentrated on the potential-stress relieving and anti-aging capabilities of food choices.
Koga partnered with a big Japanese confectionary company as part of the experiment and had a group of participants eat ice cream right after they wake up in the morning. Koga must have felt very lucky to find out that his “subject’s brains exhibited an increase in high-frequency alpha waves, which are connected to enhanced alertness and reduced mental irritation.”
This test sounds like a dream come true among children, but it also works for working adults. According to RocketNews24, the participants “were made to do a series of exercises using a PC, and displayed faster reaction times and superior information processing capabilities.”
Some might argue that since you have to serve ice cream freezing cold, which shocks the brain to wake it up, you probably can get the same results when you use cold water instead of ice cream. In order to see the difference, Koga repeated the experiment using ice cold water. He found out that while the results were similar, the effect was smaller compared to when patients ate ice cream.
Koga is yet to announce the direct link between eating ice cream in the morning and how it can give you a brain boost. It’s also noted that Koga isn’t recommending you to finish a pint of ice cream in one go. The participants were only given three spoonfuls of ice cream so practicing your willpower not to indulge more than what you need should also be considered.
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